Herceg Novi – A Town You Have to Visit

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If you are flying to Montenegro and your destination is Becici, do not forget to visit other regions and towns, including the beautiful Herceg Novi. This town is one of the most attractive destinations that tourists all over the world come to see during their holidays in Montenegro.

The beautiful town is located at the foot of Mount Orjen and the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, which is why it’s rightfully called the Pearl of the Adriatic.

Herceg Novi Is One of the Youngest Towns of the Adriatic

The area that today belongs to the city of Herceg Novi was inhabited even in the Stone Age. This was concluded based on the remains found on the Lustica peninsula and in the cave Vranjaj. During the centuries, many different people lived there – from the Romans, through the Byzantines, to the Slovene tribes who began settling in these regions in the 7th century.

Herceg Novi

The town was founded in the Kingdom of Bosnia in 1382. It was originally called St. Stefan. Namely, the Bosnian king Tvrtko I Kotromanić wanted Bosnia to gain its port in order to become independent of Dubrovnik when it came to trading. That is why he built a new town on the hill. Considering that it was the youngest town on the coast, it was named Novi, Kastrum Novum, Kastel Nuovo.

The official name of Herceg Novi was given during the time of Herc Stjepan Vukčić Kosača. The city then experienced the greatest bloom, with the development of crafts, especially weapons, goldsmiths, blacksmiths and shoemaking.

Herceg Novi – A Town Famous for Mimosa Flowers, Films, and Infinite Stairs

„Herceg Novi is a town full of green plants, sunshine, and countless stairs,“ said Ivo Andric, who lived and worked there. This is also a true description of the town’s exceptional architecture that shines throughout the year. In February, a mimosa festival begins announcing the arrival of the spring and the magnificent summer season.

Numerous stairs, which add to the charm of the old town have become its trademark. All of them have their own names and stories. Starting with the Clock Tower, which was once the town’s entrance, there are many places around town where you can just feel the spirit of the old time.

Starting with the Clock Tower, which was once the entrance, at every step, the spirit of ancient times is intertwined with different cultures and religions. According to many historians, in fact, Herceg Novi is the perfect combination of the east and the west.

The town has two fortresses. Forte Mare springs from the wall and the most beautiful verses by Alex Santic are dedicated to Boki on her marble plaque. The Spanjola fort is located on the Bayer Hill, from which there is an incredible view of the Bay of Kotor.

Certainly the most important building is Kanli (Bloody Tower), which was once a prison. And today it is one of the most beautiful stage with over 1000 places. It is precisely at her each year at the beginning of August that the famous Film Festival is held.

Herceg Novi Is Full of Beautiful Beaches

The entire Montenegrin coast is rich with beautiful beaches that attract tourists.

Herceg Novi Riviera is known for its unique nature, excellent climate and clean sea. Sand or gravel, artificial or natural, public or wild – here everyone will find the beach he likes.

The Zanjica beach is especially distinguished. Surrounded by old olive trees with turquoise water, it belongs to the most beautiful beaches. The combination of sand, gravel and concrete is the place to enjoy, while people who like sports activities can take diving lessons or rent a scooter.

The holiday can not be imagined without visiting the Blue Cave, which got its name from an unusual blue color. Arrival is possible only with barges, and swimming in its warm water is an unforgettable experience.

Herceg Novi

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