The Old Town of Budva

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The Old Town of Budva is definitely the most attractive part of Budva, the most popular city on the Montenegrin coast.

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It was originally founded as a fortress on an island not far from the coast, only to be later connected to the land. Such natural phenomena are called „tombolo,“ and the most famous one on the Montenegrin coast is St. Stefan.

The Old Town is today a coastal fortress, with exceptional architecture and town planning, which is always attractive to tourists.

The history of the Old Town of Budva goes back to ancient times, since many writings speak of its existence about 2,500 years ago. The great earthquake that hit this beautiful city in 1979 caused great damage, but thanks to the excellent construction, the walls and the houses are quite well preserved, so we can say that the Old Town of Budva got its current look after the earthquake. It took locals 8 years to repair the damage from the earthquake. The old antique spirit is preserved even today, while people still live in the houses that are considered luxurious.

Old Town of Budva – Historical Attractions

It was founded as a Greek emporium, that is market center, because the Greeks did not manage to colonize this space. The Old Town of Budva is mentioned in many Greek historical writings, and is associated with many Greek myths.

The historical importance of this small town on the coast is also indicated by the fact that the Old Town of Budva was never under Turkish rule. On the other hand, for years, it was under Venetian and the Austro-Hungarian rule.

Most of the architecture of the Old Town is of Venetian origin. Houses, doors, windows, as well as many details of this town are part of Roman art and architecture.

Within the old town you will find three small old churches. The oldest of them is the church of St. John, built in the 7th century, then Santa Maria and Punta – the Church of the Holy Virgin, built in 840, and the youngest of them, the Church of the Holy Trinity from 1804. Santa Maria and Punta is the oldest precisely dated building in the Old Town, while in front of the Church of the Holy Trinity there is a tomb of the famous writer and diplomat Stjepan Mitrov Ljubisa, who was a member of the Austrian parliament.

The city citadel is located in the most prestigious part of this ancient town. At the very top of it is the famous summer stage. If you are a theater enthusiast, you’ll get to see some unforgettable scenes at the City of Budva Theater. These shows take place under the open sky, which will guarantee some beautiful memories.

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Old Town of Budva Today

The Old Town of Budva today is the best example of a connection between trends and history. The perfect combination of ancient architecture and an active nightlife make this small town unique. Interwoven streets and squares from the late Middle Ages, hard walls, their towers and city gates leave countless tourists year after year leave breathless.

There are many galleries, souvenir shops, as well as exclusive brands, bars and restaurants. The scent of the sea and fish combine with the sounds of music, so that everyone can find their perfect place. The Poetry Square and the City Theater add to the festival character of Budva and give charm to its streets that become something of an exhibition stage. Various cultural events take place at the small markets in the city.

Among the places you have to visit are the Museum of the City of Budva, the Modern Gallery and the Memorial House of S.M. Ljubisa.

We believe that the Old Town of Budva, tells its own story with its rich history.

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